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Was pretty fortunate to grow up during the 80's - there are many reasons - of course - but the main that sticks out is how fun Horror was. Early/Mid Nighties too. Cheesy fun films - that you couldn't help but watch - so many times you've memorized the lines - and one of these films was Maximum Overdrive. 

Now MO was a lot of fun - but wouldn't say it was over the top scary. Sure - you had your scary trucks - and Goblin - but you were really rooting for when Curtis's wife got it - or when the vehicles started pushing humans around. Was only fair of course - how long were we going to push them before they got fed up? - And a super large astroid lands on the ground - does help. 

One of my first Stephen King films - even prior to Pet Semetary - Baseballs in the nards - money spitting ATM's and out of control lawnmowers were a lot of fun. 

Was very nice to see the Goblin restored because of that. 

My first time with the Goblin was at Horrorhound several years ago - in Cincinnatti. Was the last thing I expected to see there - but there he was in all his glory. Was so much fun reliving those scenes from the movie. 

Was one of my first cons - so I still kept to myself - and just watched everything going on. Cons are great people and creature watching - can have a lot of fun. 

If you grew up in the 80's there's no way that you've never seen Maximum Overdrive. 

Stephen King - baseballs in the nards - and some very hungry and impatient trucks outside the Dixie Boy Truck Stop - all added to 90 minutes of great fun. 

Like all good things, you tend to move on - so it was a long while before I thought of Maximum Overdrive again, until I spotted the Goblin at HorrorHound. 

One of my first traveling cons - believe I had only been to one con prior to that - so was still pretty quiet and not talking to much of anyone - taking it all in - seeing what was going on. 

Fast forward several years - and I've had the pleasure to meet Tim - who's fantastic and hard working. Fiberglass is dirty fellow - slimey, nasty - smelly - definately not a joy to work with...but it gets things done - the work he put into the Gremlin is magnificiant - very happy he's out there helping us relive our dreams

Here's my interview with Tim

To get started, you owned a video store prior to restoring the Goblin - could you tell me about that?

We had a large video store with around 8,000 movies. We even had a pizza shop in with us and would deliver movies and a pizza!

How did you find the Goblin's head? 
Having a video store was it something that you knew about?
Or was it a stumble?

My family lives near Wilmington, NC where the movie was filmed. In 1987 my brother saw an ad in the newspaper where the head was for sale. He called me up and said thought you might be interested in this for your video store. I WAS! So.... I called the man up right then and drove all night to go get it.


Were you excited to see the Goblin?

Yes... I was shocked to see it the first time. I didn't expect it to be in such bad condition.
I was still in love with it. It was my first movie prop!
Well not in love with it but loved it lol

Was it burnt during the making of the movie?

Yes it was burnt where it was blown up and left sitting there burning at the end of the movie.
that's what I was thinking - makes it even cooler then in my book - he's resurrected

I was told there were 3 made. One was broken early on and put on the back lot. I contacted the studio's new owners a few years ago and they said they took it to the dump. The second one made it till the end which is the one I have. The third one was unloaded off the rollback and covered with rubber cement by the prop dept. and set on fire and used for close ups. My sources tell me it burnt till nothing was left.

How long did reconstruction - resurrection - of the Goblin take you?

I knew when I first saw it that I just had to restore it some day. It was over 20 years later before I got to restore it.... life was just too busy! I spent 2 years evenings and weekends restoring it. It was my first fiberglass job and most likely my last! lol

really glad you saved him - was a flashback of being a happy kid when I seen him at horrorhound - had no idea that he'd be making the rounds after that

Did the Goblin turn out the way you had planned?

When I got towards the end of finishing it I was exhausted and tired of working on it. I had spent the last two months hand sanding the places that my air sanders wouldn't get to. So I decided it was time to paint it even if it wasn't perfect. Paint it and was just in awe! Loved it!

I think those little blemishes make things more perfect then perfect - or at least I'm learning! - trying to anyway 

Here too. 
Tell me about your reaction from your fans and the celebs who have seen this green fellow

Their response has been more than I could have ever imagined!

What has been your favorite part of the journey? 

Sharing it with fans. I like to tell my story and hear their stories about watching it for the first time and how scared they were.

Many of them have such cool stories that I share them with other fans as well.


                                                                    Jyoti Amge - Ma Petite 

Do you keep a book or photo journal of the progress that was made?

I am working on a book called Goblin Diary. It has day by day photos and information as I was restoring it, photos of fans at the shows, photos and info of the Dixie Boy sign being built and also of the truck I'm building. When finished it will account for my 5 year project.

Will this book eventually become available to fans?

Yes the book will be offered to fans at the cons and also on all of our websites .

How many cons have you and the Goblin attended this year?

I have only attended about 4 cons so far this year. Still have 2 more booked.

Next year we hope to book 20 or more cons. 2016 is the 30th year anniversary for Maximum Overdrive. We hope to have several of the cast members doing some cons with us.

We are even willing to travel around the world. We've been talking to a con in the UK.

What can fans do to help make sure you bring the Goblin to their area?

They need to contact their local cons and request that they invite us there. They need to have their friends do it too. We would love to do all the cons we can squeeze in next year!

Could you tell us about your Go Fund Me that helps with the Goblin project?

We started a Go Fund Me project to help us raise the money we need to make 2016 a awesome year. Need a lot of money to finish up our new display and also to help cover the travel expenses that the cons don't cover.

Where can fans find that information if they'd like to help?


                                     Here is my website where they can buy Goblin Goodies

If they are interested in purchasing and movie props here's my site where I have hundreds of authentic props and wardrobe items for sale. 


And of course they can "Like" our Facebook page to keep up with all the latest and see all the photo adventures of the Green Goblin head!

We sincerly hope to see Tim and his wonderful Goblin here in the city soon - owe him some of the best pizza around. 
Thank you Tim!


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