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Back from the Dead

A big Thank you to everyone who stopped by the booth - If you click here - can check out some of my favorite vendors and costumes. Thank you to Jim @ The Big Scary Show for the interview - anyone interested in Industry news should really check out his podcast - he shares some good information. I wanted to share one of my favorite pictures with Sid - he has a new movie coming out - Zombie / Tarantino / 70s / Grit - always been a perfect fit for him.

Get Bloody

Creating on a dime? Check out some of my projects

Not The Last Funeral

The Hardcore Hearse Club wrapped up their 5th annual event at Lombard's Brauer - which included cars, music, vendors and a special appearance by Chicago horror host Svengoolie

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Visit me on Insta - Cemeteries, Chicago - love our skyline - Shows - Bands - Fans - Conventions - and Weird Stuff.

Pong / Helmet at Bottom Lounge

Are bigger venues always the best place to see a show? Not always so - Helmet & Prong at The Bottom Lounge was just one example of how compact venues have been able to step up their game and better compete in the area

Chicago Halloween Gathering

We were proud to participate in this annual gathering - which shuts down Columbus Avenue the last Saturday of October. Growing up there was no such thing as a Halloween Parade let alone - having one downtown. This covers a few progression pictures of our build. We had a next to zero budget building this - which was perfect - I love a good challenge. Legion was donated to Bridgeport's Boys & Girls Club for use in their haunted house after the event.

Our first printed issue will feature an Interview with Harley Poe vocalist Joe Whitefield – coming this Fall

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